Ahhhh….the iPhone 4s….2 weeks in hand…here we go:

19 Jan

1. I don’t miss Swype. at. all. Ok, ok…maybe a teensy bit, I do…shhhhh. However, I find that I make the same amount of mistakes with iPhone as I did with the updated “Gingerbread” version of Android (my phone was a late adopter) and, frankly, I miss the original version of Swype. I will say that the iPhone keyboard “feels” more accurate somehow — and, it seems to learn my personal language faster than ‘droid did.

2. The camera on iPhone is beautiful. The pinch and pull zoom is soo very nice and the video is lovely, too. My goodness — the camera really has many advanced options and the picture quality is divine. (same for video)

3. The phone is quite deceivingly hefty…it carries its weight well, though. Honestly, the dang thing weighs a lot more than it looks like it should — but, as expected, the size is absolutely perfect for my hands and just has a sexy (dare I say “Rubenesque”) feel to it.

4. Speaking of sex, this device seriously speaks to all of my senses. There is such a fluid sensuality that swirls around all of this luxury. Manipulating the iPhone just feels nice…plus, it makes great sounds, too.

5. I believe that Siri may put my memory out of business…and that kind of frightens me. As it is/was, the urge is strong to look up everything rather than learn or remember — but Siri takes that familiar urge and kicks it up 5 notches. I love Siri. No, really.

6. iCloud is a dream wrapped in a pillow sitting atop a cupcake being eaten by kittens.

7. Battery life?  My Galaxy Epic ate batteries like Chiclets and, consequently, I kept 3 spares with me at all times (and their charging sleeves with extra USB cables at all times). Talk about looking like you’re smuggling goddess-knows-what in my pockets and cleavage.

The battery life on the iPhone has been impressive! I did go all out and purchased a 50-hour recharging pod from New Trent for $60ish (link below) and it came in handy last night when I was running on fumes and had forgotten my car charger. The recharging pod is slightly bigger than a deck of cards and will fit in my pocket. However, I’ve recently begun to carry a purse for the first time in my life because I felt like I should grow up. Afterall, when you get undressed at night and remove your bra credit cards, lip gloss, and sunglasses shouldn’t fall on the floor.

8. I also don’t miss the Android crashing on me all of the time. I must have had to pull the battery 10 times per week to get it “unstuck” from whatever app crashed and froze up the device. The re-boot time was terrible, too. If I never see a SD Scanning progress bar again in my life, it’ll be too soon.

9. When it comes to talking, my droid would have the habit of hanging up on my conversation or magically dialing a 3-way with my cheek. I can’t tell you how many times that happened! Not with iPhone. The in-call screen is nice and tidy and doesn’t seem affected by face when I talk or smile.

The speakerphone is clear and crisp and there is no voice distortion. I actually enjoy talking on this thing! Oh!! And FaceTime is incredible and makes me feel so futuristic.  I already use it on iPad, but I love having it on iPhone, too.  Yes, I know and love Skype — but FaceTime is just *that* much cooler!

10. It’s worth the hype. But talk to me in 6 months…I can be fickle.


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